types of fishing lures

types of fishing lures are so different


Types of Fishing Lures

Spinners are type of fishing lures that have metal shaped blade attached to the shaft of the lure. Blades can be more than one. When lure moves, blade spins an create flashes an vibration. With this type of lure you can catch any type of fish and they are widely used. Spinners found in 4 designs: inline, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, live bait spinners.

  1. Inline spinner lures have a one or more blades that rotates around straight wire using a clevis, most all inline spinner lures have weight on the wire to make the spinner heavy enough to cast.
  2. Spinnerbaits are shaped like open safety pin. They lead head molded on the low arm and a spinner is attached on the up arm using a swivel. Some of models have multiple blades that are attached on the up arm using a clevis and a bead stop.
  3. Buzzbaits are similar to a spinnerbaits and inline spinners, but they have a specially designed rotating propeller for surface fishing.
  4. Livebait spinners using night crawlers or minnows on a hook or a series of hooks with a spinner blade in front of the live bait.

More detailed information about spinners: http://learninghowtofish.com/fishing-equiptment/fishing-spinners/